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Emotional Fusion


Emotional Fusion

Emotional Fusion


EmotionalFusion is a collection of abstract works by Thai artist Anan, being exhibited for the first time at White Space in Jersey.  The works meld striking and bold statements with muted allusions to Asian and European influences. They are visually powerful and demand attention, offering multiple interpretations to the viewer, yet never disappointing.  The use of gloss and acrylic paint on large swathes of canvas has allowed Anan to freely express his new-found inspiration.

"The intensity of culture clash within Europe fascinates me" says Anan, explaining his influences behind EmotionalFusion. "Not only of the many differing European nationalities, but of all of the world's races and creeds." It is this fascination which drove Anan to create a body of work highlighting the positive aspects of cultural juxtaposition within Europe.  Energetic setpieces are thus balanced with understated observations to allow for completion.

WhiteSpace, Jersey's newest and freshest gallery, provides the ideal backdrop for Anan's exhibition - the space acts as a large blank canvas, allowing Anan to maximise the effect of his largest works.  A brilliant white environment, flooded with natural light, perfectly balances the vibrant images presented, and offers multiple perspectives.  The building's industrial character blends into lush greenery, adding to the sense of paradox.  Eschewing more traditional galleries, Anan loves the freedom WhiteSpace offers to the artist.  "I appreciate the clean lines of WhiteSpace, as they frame the pieces perfectly without creating distraction" says Anan

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