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About Anan

Anan Thathamma was born in Prachinburi, in the east of Thailand, in 1969.

He spent 12 years of his childhood living and studying in a temple, where he studied Buddhism & Sanskrit on top of his other school subjects.  During this time, he gained an appreciation for art, particularly religious art. 

About Anan


About Anan

Moving to Bangkok at the age of 18, he worked in various roles to provide himself with an art education, studying at the prestigious Alliance Francaise.  Anan's first public exhibition, held in the surroundings of Bangkok's stunning Sukhothai Hotel, opened to wide critical acclaim and commercial success.  This was followed soon after by a members-only exhibition in the British Club of Bangkok, which saw him being adopted by the expatriate and international community.  Anan was quickly embraced by Thailand's King Rama IX Art Foundation to highlight and promote Thai contemporary art throughout Asia and internationally.

After many years of exhibiting in Asia, Anan decided to take time out to expand his artistic horizons by travelling Europe and immersing himself into the varied artistic cultures and history of Europe.  Anan set about incorporating these influences into his new works, initially for private collections in Europe and North America, then creating new collections.

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